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System Seven

Learn how to read the "line breaks"
Bet a little and win a lot,thats our game and thats our aim.You can bet small,risk little, have a great time and know you have an excellent chance to win BIG.If you are a more serious player learn how to make a Hotsheet,System Seven,the "lengths" and "Line breaks" and supplement your income! The information on the Hotsheet, discipline and some brain is all you need (and a few bucks :-) The Hotsheet does it's magic so you don't have to.  Hotsheet is based on System Seven a computer program that turns novices into pro's.Designed primarily for the superfecta, System Seven works great for all bets. So stay the steady course and win, thats the secret, bet small and often (though not necessarily every race,you have rules),but be consistant, stay the steady course, win and have fun.Do that and you got it!
We are totally focused on the Pick 3 and Pick 4 bets. On a regular basis we do all the matinees at Palm Beach the best of all american greyhound tracks . So we are racing every day. But I do take requests for other days/tracks and matinee and twilight racing.
It's the ultimate video game! Live greyhound racing on your own computer. Download programs two days before a scheduled race for free, make your selections, wager online (we recommend trackinfo.com ), and watch the races live via streaming video on your own computer. You can win money right in your own home! The only thing that is better is going and watching the races in person. You will need a Windows Media Player & if you don't already have it and the latest version of Internet Explorer and you're all set when you are armed with the best tipsheet in America, the HOTSHEET . But its not just a game! It's a business too! You can supplement your income with it! and its not that hard! You can do it! Plenty of people are milking the holy cow! Bet often and cheap and win a lot. The 10 cent superfecta is THE ONLY bet where you can win $100's with a dime bet.
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Sanford Orlando




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