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Ten-cent superfecta is going strong. Four years ago, Sam Houston Race Park started a trend as the first Thoroughbred track to reduce its minimum bet for superfecta wagering to ten cents. Since then the micro wager has spread in popularity, though little in-depth study has been conducted to determine if reducing the minimum bet has been a moneymaker for the tracks. But the patrons love it.

The ten-cent wager, which started in greyhound racing, quickly has become the standard minimum superfecta wager at Thoroughbred tracks. The superfecta requires players to select the first four sequential finishers of a given race. The reduction in minimum the bet allows players to wager more combinations. For instance, lower bankroll players can bet 24 combinations for $2.40 as opposed to $24 at a $1 minimum

Sam Houston's Racing Secretary Eric Johnston said the track takes some pride in being the first Thoroughbred track to offer the wager on February 17, 2005. “We take a lot of pride in it but, interestingly enough, we also caught a lot of flak,” Johnston said, explaining that many track executives who thought the wager would hurt handle since have changed their minds. The ten-cent superfecta proved a boon for Sam Houston a its superfecta handle increased 45% by 2006-’07. The New York Racing Association changed its superfecta minimum to ten cents in the fall of 2007 and has kept tabs on its performance. At the first full meeting to offer the wager, Aqueduct winter-spring 2007-’08, the average superfecta pool was up 30.6%. At the 2008 Belmont spring meeting, the average superfecta pool was up 28.3%. “The ten-cent superfecta fueled that growth—there’s no other explanation,” NYRA President Charles Hayward said. “It’s been a great addition to wagers.”



List of 42 horse tracks offering ten cent superfecta wagering




Bay Meadows



Canterbury Park

Churchill Downs

Colonial Downs


Delta Downs

Ellis Park

Evangeline Downs

Fair Grounds



Fonner Park

Golden Gate


Hollywood Park

Hoosier Park

Indiana Downs


Lone Star Park

Louisiana Downs

Los Alamitos


Monmouth Park

Oaklawn Park

Remington Park

Retama Park

River Downs

Ruidoso Downs

Santa Anita

Sam Houston


Suffolk Downs

Sunland Park

Tampa Bay Downs


Turf Paradise

Turfway Park

Yavapai Downs

Zia Park

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