Thanks for considering SYSTEM SEVEN and the HOTSHEET
The system for WINNING $$$'s especially at dogtracks that feature 10Cent Superfectas.
Including the high paying dogtrack Sanford, Orlando.
System Seven will give you the information you need to be a winner. THIS IS THE "WHAT"
  This is the ULTIMATE tipheet. "Bet a little and win a lot that's our game and that's our aim".
The human brain is no match for the computer when it comes to crunching numbers. Which is all handicapping is about,
when you look at a program it is nothing but numbers, the human brain cannot assimilate all those numbers like the computer (hence System Seven).
That said the computer doesn't see everything like the finer details so its still a good idea to read the program.
For those who don't want to think too much, pick one of the seven wagers to suit your budget and loss tolerance.
Choose your play and maintain a steady course with the one play throughout the program is the best strategy for a lot of folks..
though you can flip and flop if you wish. This could be a little frustrating at times.
Alternatively you may want to go with System Seven's choice, either on the lower of higher level.

The plays : THIS IS THE "HOW" The psychology we use on most of our plays is an either/or one. We trust with assurity that not all the best dogs will run.
Starr's $6.00 "A" play.
The pro's choice $12.00
Dougs $18 deluxe play
Rods 3-part wheel $9.00
The $2.40 box a big favorite
The $12.00 box another big favorite.

The $36.00 six dog box hits a lot of races plus some big payoffs..
For those who construct their own bets, diagnosis you can't beat.
With the System Seven Line. Generated by computer,
Its the projected order of finish of each race.
Proven over and over again to be better than
The Morning Line
The Betting Line
Regular $1 and $2 dogtrack tipsheets
a) Watch the win odds board if you are at the track/OTB/or a simulcast location
     or are able to bet late. However the win pool at dogtracks is often
     manipulated by insiders, a far better pool to watch is the Trifecta pool.
     heavy betting in the Trifecta pool can tip you off to insider information.
     early favorites in the Win pool will probably be false favorites.
     Big favorites in large Trifecta pools signify a play is on.
     Disparities between the Win and Trifecta/Quinella odds boards can be very instructive.
b)  Most people including me put their bets on in advance, so the odds board is of no use to us.
We may be at a disadvantage somewhat here but we have System Seven
and many tools with the Hotsheet to help us construct our bets.
First we break down the whole program, into which races have a higher probability
of being successfully wagered. Second we don't just line the dogs up, we give you lengths
projected between picks and most importantly "line breaks" in the System Seven line.
This gives you perceived separation in ability between the dogs.
An invaluable tool when constructing bets. No other tipsheet has the Line-break and lengths separation HotSheet has. Immediate breakdown of what is the crucial points in the race. This is why we are the best. Believe it.

c) Don't despair if one races result looks nothing like the System Seven line,
its a dog race and anything can happen, and often does. Just be patient. You stay the steady course, by betting little you can afford to be patient, in fact patience is mandatory,
win one in five races and come out way ahead usually.

Good Luck, WIN $$$$$
Julian Starr
PS Click my name to email me for whatever.

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